Policies & Procedures

Grading Scale (%)

  • Grade: A 90% 90%
  • Grade: B 75% 75%
  • Grade: C 60% 60%
  • Fail 59% 59%

Late assignments will receive a reduction of 5% per day late.


Students who pay fees late will incur a fine of 5,000 Ks per day that the fee is late. (For details on fees and due dates, see “Programmes & Fee Structure”).


At EPTS, we consider attendance in class a high priority. We expect students to attend 100% of classes. Students who are ill may take time to recover outside of class, but this should occur no more than one to two days per term. Instructors will record attendance daily.

Unexcused absences such as returning late from a break will incur a fine of 5,000 Ks per day AND a 5% reduction in final grade per day.

Use of EPTS Facilities

Staying on the EPTS campus is a privilege limited only to those who have been officially accepted as students at the school. While they are welcome to visit the facility during daytime hours, families or friends who visit students should make arrangements to stay overnight elsewhere.