Education at EPTS is truly an international experience.

Country of Origin

While EPTS has a mixture of Myanmar nationals and international full-time staff, many of our lecturers are guests from around the world. The primary connections we have are with the United States of America and India. However, we have connections with professors in all major regions of the world.

Educational Background

EPTS is not limited to a certain denomination. Instead, we are committed to sound doctrine and open to using the expertise of professors from various backgrounds who share this conviction. Our faculty members are graduates of schools like The Master’s Seminary (USA), The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (USA), Biola University (USA), Cedarville University (USA), and Pastoral Training Seminary (India).

Commitment to Students

Our faculty is composed of professors who are sincerely committed to seeing pastors become passionate, powerful, precise preachers of God’s Word. For this reason, we will try hard to be available outside of class in evenings or weekends to help students with assignments. We also desire to be involved in church ministry along with our students.

Get In Touch.

If you would like to communicate with us, please feel free to contact us online or by phone.