Mission & Methods

Our Mission

Why another Bible training school in Myanmar? Some have estimated the number of Bible training schools in Myanmar to be in the hundreds. So why do we feel that adding another school would benefit this nation? Good question. The Expository Pastoral Training Seminary (EPTS) aims to meet a uniquely important need in Myanmar churches— the task of training men to be effective preachers of God’s Word.  We are aiming only for this goal, so those who are not interested in preaching should not consider this school.

Our Method

Our national and international instructors work together to provide high quality training that pastors can understand clearly if they speak either English or Burmese languages.  Most classes are led by international instructors from countries like India, Singapore, and the USA.  Our national instructors will interpret for them, and then, later, our national instructors will advise pastors in the classroom as the pastors do their own observation, interpretation, and outlining.  By the end of each Preachers’ Academy session, pastors will have a strong foundation for preaching through a Book of the Bible.  Pastors will then return each month with a recorded copy of one sermon for our national instructors to review.  Each pastor will receive regular feedback to help them improve their preaching.