What EPTS Offers

Diploma or Master of Ministry

Preachers’ Academy

Many pastors finish Bible school or seminary with very little experience in preaching.  When they get deeply involved in ministry and begin to feel the pressure of preparing sermons week after week, pastors often feel weak and unprepared.  Most of these pastors are unable to go back to school full time, but many desire further training in preaching skills.

Preachers’ Academy seeks to give pastors that kind of training without a full-time commitment.  For two years, pastors can come just one time per month for three days and receive intensive training in sermon preparation.  Each month, students will dig deep into a book of the bible and come out with much of their sermon preparation complete.

Pastors have the option to pursue a diploma or a master’s degree.  The diploma is a good choice for those who do not have a bachelor’s degree. Both the Diploma of Expository Preaching and the Master of Ministry in Expository Preaching are recognized by The Master’s Academy International.


Master of Ministry

Pastors who already have a bachelor’s degree can earn a Master of Ministry degree when they attend all Preachers’ Academy sessions AND one extra week of study per year.  Details of the extra sessions will be discussed with students in advance.  The two-year degree is comprised of 36 total credit hours and focuses exclusively on the ministry of expository preaching.  This degree is ideal for pastors who are active in a preaching ministry and sense the need to improve their ability to rightly handle the word of God.